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Hotels in Eastern Switzerland

Hotel Restaurant Schloss Wartegg

Schloss Wartegg Betriebs AG Von Blarer Weg 1 9404 Rorschacherberg

A journey to Bio-Schlosshotel Wartegg takes you to the fantastic Lake Constance region in the Eastern part of Switzerland. Next to gorgeous nature and wide views over the English garden grounds, cultural and culinary highlights await you in the fairy-tale setting of the castle, but most importantly: time and space to rest. After a relaxing sleep in the individually designed rooms, enjoy a breakfast buffet made from certified organic products. Enjoy a walk through the largest Suisse hotel park, a beautifully set up garden monument in which Empress Zita once took a stroll. Here you will discover majestic green, playful streams, soft clearings and also the castle’s sheep. As bicycle path hotel, Schloss Wartegg is the perfect starting point for active eco-friendly bike tours into the surrounding nature with views one simply cannot get enough from. While the children amuse themselves in the Children’s playroom, it is time for you to take a rest. Recover from stress in the Historic Bath

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