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Villa Galini

Porto Carras, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece

Commissioned in the early 70s to host distinguished friends of ship owner Giannis Carras, Villa Galini was designed by renowned architect Kostas Kapsampelis to resemble the monastic architecture of nearby Mount Athos. An inner courtyard, secluded patios and verandas, topped off with mountain and a breathtaking bay views creates an ambience to match the illustrious list of guests who have passed through, including European royal family members, politicians Francois Mitterrand, and Konstantinos Karamanlis as well as artisans Salvador Dali, who designed one of the villa’s bathrooms, and Gina Bahauer, whose piano remains in the music suite to this day.

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Aigialos Hotel Santorini

Santorini Island, Fira Town, Cyclades Islands, Greece

The Aigialos Hotel has been voted the "Most Romantic Historic Hotel" for 2014
On an island with a maritime history as old as its ancient past, what better place to absorb the atmosphere of romantic Santorini than in one of the sixteen 18th and 19th century neoclassical houses of Aigialos Hotel once owned by the island’s seafaring nobility? Suspended between earth, sea, and sky, the romantic hotel Aigialos is situated at the rim of the island’s caldera, where sheer cliffs rise out from the sea, and the famed volcano that gave birth to the island is in full view. Each house is named after the Aegean winds; a unique characteristic of the Cyclades, making this a truly enchanted experience and an ideal honeymoon hotel on the enchanted island of Santorini. 

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Avli Lounge Apartments

Rethymnon Old City, West Crete, Crete Island, Greece

Avli Lounge Apartments is an expression of Crete’s layered past. Once the location of a Venetian lord’s home, an olive press, a soap factory and tannery, it is nestled in a cluster of three Venetian houses including the first building erected in the area dating back to 1660, located in the heart of Rethymnon’s old city. History is communicated through Cretan, Venetian and Turkish architectural elements that whisper the heritage of an island that knows occupation and resistance well. Seven distinctive suites combine domes, Venetian arches, fountains, cool cellars, antique furniture, and works of art with Cretan influences that narrate the story of an occupied island and its occupier, and the historical relationship between the two.

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Allegory Boutique Hotel

11, Antifanous & Ippodamou, Medieval Town, Rhodes, 85100, Greece

"In the neighborhood of Knights". Only a few hotels in the Mediterranean can boast to be located right in the legendary heart of Knights. A brand new boutique hotel within a historic mansion next to the medieval castle of Rhodes, the Allegory is as inviting as noble with refined decoration and six magnificent suites each with its own charming art style


Gerolimenas, Mani, Peloponnessus, Greece

The Kyrimai has been awarded as:
The Best Historic Hotel of Europe by the Water 2013

Despite being noted for its rugged beauty, traditional villages, medieval towers and Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, the Kyrimai Hotel represents a different period in Mani’s history. A renovation of the old trade center built in 1870 by Theodore Kyrimis, mayor of Middle Mani and Michalis Katsimanitis, a trader from Syros, the store, warehouse, tower and residence are exquisite examples period architecture complete with a complex of stairways, arches and inner courts, tower rooms, luxury suites, two-storey rooms and charming attics, which links the property with Greek trade developments in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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